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‘1899’: Framestore’s virtual production take-aways

By Ian Failes, Befores and afters, April 21, 2023

“When I talked to members of the Framestore team about 1899, the mysterious Netflix series set on the steamship Kerberos that was largely filmed on a LED volume at Studio Babelsberg, what stood out for them were a couple of key approaches and key sequences in the show.

So, I’ve shared them here as some key take-aways from the production, one of Framestore’s first as the lead creative studio on the virtual production side.

Here, visual effects supervisor Christian Kaestner, head of virtual art department Freddy Salazar and virtual production lead Connor Ling discuss jumping into the challenging show, how it differed from a traditional VFX project, and some of their favorite virtual production moments like the dining room set, real-time oceans and on-set rain.

How virtual production has changed the workflow in VFX
Christian Kaestner (visual effects supervisor): Virtual production does now involve us in the creative process more than I think we are used to. Historically, we are not involved in the costume design. We’re not involved in the production design. Yes, visual effects supervisors are there when the shows are being planned, but in this case, we had to finish visual effects before we even started shooting because they needed to be ready for in-camera work. I think that was not just new to us but also new to a lot of other departments.” Continue reading


Befores and Afters: https://beforesandafters.com/2023/04/21/1899-framestores-virtual-production-take-aways/

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