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Annecy Festival 2023 recap

Annecy 2023 Recap by Zoltan Batho G

– Real-time technologies and AI were the absolute hot topics in almost every panel, which is not surprising at all, and we all have more questions than answers.

– Fortunately, most of the panelists agreed that the time and resources one can save with these new techs can and should be spent on creative improvements and not so much on profit maximisation.

– No matter what kind of technology someone uses, storytelling is still key, everything else is just a tool, a method, nothing more.

– The democratisation of the different software solutions are reducing the barrier of entry to animation (i.e. free Unreal Engine), on the other hand the high cost of a proper hardware setup is making it more difficult for a lot of not-so-fortunate people around the world to enter and create. This needs to be addressed to reduce the gap.

– New tools and solutions also need to mean new animation processes and workflows, therefore an open mindset and attitude is a key skill one should have to remain successful in the animation industry.

I really enjoyed Annecy this year, I felt a good, positive and most importantly, very collaborative vibe. Having our own Digic booth at the festival the first time ever really helped me to connect with great minds, fantastic artists and creators, who are all into bringing somethig new, fresh and exciting to this beautiful world of ours.

Let me share an example of this positive vibe: our computer broke down the first day of the festival. I saw Lenovo had a booth, so I thought I would ask them if they could potentially have a replacement machine with a strong NVIDIA GPU. Without any hesitation Mesa GOULAHS-TAKAOKA first gave us a GPU, and then a full machine as well. What an absolute legend!!

It was a pleassure meeting you all in person again or the first time ever, let’s continue embracing change, being open to new ideas, but also being rational and critical when it is required.

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