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Chemical Brothers – Live again (VP music video)

“For their regular directors DOM&NIC, production company Outsider, cinematographer Stephen Keith-Roach, production designer Chris Oddy, and Untold Studios, the concept of shooting the promo for the Chemical Brothers latest release Live Again on an LED stage was an entirely new experience.

“Working with the Chemical Brothers is always a dream for us. To have such a strong and inspiring piece of music and blank page to create a visual companion to it is as close to blissful creative freedom as it gets for directors. This was our tenth collaboration with the Chems and we knew time would be tight on the back end of the project.

The combination of this and the track’s title inspired the idea of a dance piece with a character caught in a continual loop of death and rebirth. The idea that we could do this in long unbroken shots inspired us to use ARRI Stage London in a way that had never previously been done. We wanted to create real-time rendered environments that could change without cutting the camera.

Much of the hard VFX work would take place prior to the shoot, running concurrently with the rest of pre production and ultimately save time in post. But on top of this it inspired an idea that could not really have been achieved in any other way irrespective of time and that was exciting for everyone. We were showered with the generosity of such a strong and huge team of immensely talented companies and individuals that helped us to make this film happen. Many of whom we work with regularly on commercials and a number who have also worked with us on past Chemical Brother’s videos. Without their time, talents and generosity a film like this could never make it out of heads and onto a screen.“ Continue reading


Informed Sauce: https://informedsauce.com/news/content-creation/domnic-embrace-virtual-production-for-the-chemical-brothers-live-again/

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