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COURSE: Reality VP Specialist by ZeroDensity

Fundamentals 101
This course helps you to lay down a strong foundation for virtual production. You will learn some core concepts and terminologies to understand how the Reality ecosystem enables sophisticated workflows for real-time VFX.

Operations 01
This course will teach you how RealityHub deals with operational prospects of any virtual production. You will acquire the knowledge about its different modules that help you to manage routine operational tasks like creating and managing playlists, creating custom UI, actions, and controlling multiple engines remotely.

AR Compositing Quick Setup
Reality Engine has its unique way of AR compositing. In this course you will learn how to create photo-realistic AR composting pipelines by seamlessly matching physical world with virtual graphics. Furthermore, you will understand how to get full control on shadows and reflections without using any additional camera or rendering overhead.

Green Screen Compositing Quick Setup
In this course you will explore green screen compositing with Reality Keyer. You will learn real-time image-based keying and understand some core components of this workflow like 3D Cyclorama mesh, Cleanplate and Projection Volume.

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Zero Density Academy: https://academy.zerodensity.tv/learn/reality-vp-specialist/

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