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Digital Camera Systems unveils first wireless lens encoder for VP

Article by Jenny Priestley, TVB Europe, 6th of February, 2023.

Digital Camera Systems (DCS) has announced an updated version of its lens encoder which includes wireless capabilities.

The company said the LDT-V2 streams lens data directly to the media player, enabling freedom of movement for camera operators.

The LDT-V2 takes raw motor information from a lens control system, smart lens or DCS’ lens encoder LDT-E2, and translates it into human readable lens data, it added. The LDT-V2 offers virtual production studios the opportunity to wirelessly deliver accurate lens information in real-time. Currently the LDT-V2 sits as the only system on the market capable of recording and streaming lens data simultaneously, said DCS.

“The Lens Data Translator (LDT) allowed us to stream data directly from the smart lenses to Unreal Engine, making possible a real-time interaction with a simple and straightforward pipeline,” said Albert Vidal, virtual production technical director at Orca Studios. “DCS’ support team has been fantastic, and has worked closely with us to understand and accommodate our needs in virtual production.” Continue reading


TVB Europe: https://www.tvbeurope.com/production-post/digital-camera-systems-unveils-first-wireless-lens-encoder-for-virtual-production

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