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ETC releases white balancing tutorial for VP

ETC@USC has posted a tutorial that offers best practices for white balancing during production on a curved wall LED volume stage. Due to the growing number of LED volume and backing wall applications emerging worldwide, many critical color calibration issues have resulted. The informative tutorial — authored by cinematographer Tim Kang from Quasar Science with support from producer Erik Weaver from ETC — provides cinematographers and production teams with a simple graphical guide that breaks down the problems between the camera and its LED wall perception, while specifying different means to implement solutions. The Virtual Production White Balancing Tutorial is now available on the ETC site.

Download the guide: https://www.etcenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/ETC-White-Point-Balance-White-Paper-February-2024.pdf


ETC: https://www.etcenter.org/etc-releases-white-balancing-tutorial-for-virtual-production/

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