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Introducing: On-Set Facilities

On-Set Facilities is officially the first-of-its-kind virtual production talent agency, bringing together the leading creative and technical minds in production innovation. With the singular focus on delivering awe-inspiring virtual production experiences, OSF connects visionary individuals with esteemed production companies, studios, and brands.

OSF represents a diverse collective of industry professionals, ranging from Virtual Production Supervisors to Technical Directors, Virtual Art Directors, and Creative Directors. These innovators all possess a common purpose: to push the boundaries of production innovation and solve even the most complex of creative challenges.

OSF’s Virtual Production Supervisors have collaborated with titans of the industry such as Netflix, HBO, NBC Universal, Studiocanal, Nvidia, Mercedes, BMW, and the Ridley Scott Creative Group. Their wealth of experience and expertise reinforces OSF’s unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled virtual production talent, services andsolutions.

On-Set Facilities Virtual Production Supervisors
Innovation lies at the core of OSF’s Virtual Production Supervisors. With a sharp focus on immersion technologies, OSF’s Supervisors harness the power of cloud collaboration, visualization, virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), and interactive 3D displays, including VR and AR headsets, holograms, and LED technologies. They navigate an extensive array of devices and technologies, ingeniously connecting them to tackle production challenges in a unique, reliable, and efficient manner. Crucially, OSF’s Supervisors seamlessly integrate these tools into established pipelines, empowering creatives to actualize their imaginative vision, meet budgetary constraints, adhere to tight schedules, and venture into uncharted domains of possibility.

“Our Virtual Production Supervisors are creative enablers” Says Asa Bailey Founder and Director of On-Set Facilities.

On-Set Facilities Supervisors transcend the boundaries of content production, actively harnessing their exceptional technical and creative abilities to revolutionize multiple industries. Whether visually storytelling or spearheading digital transformations for industrial clients, On-Set Facilities Supervisors are at the forefront of innovation, redefining the possibilities and pushing the limits of what can be achieved.

On-Set Facilities Virtual Production Roster:
Asa Bailey: Virtual Production Supervisor | Director
Adrian Weber: Virtual Production Supervisor
Louisa Bremner: Virtual Production Supervisor
Udo Kramer: Production Designer
Ruben Bailey: Virtual Production Technical Director

Together, the roster represents a powerhouse of talent in the virtual production domain. To get in contact and find out more, visit onsetfacilities.com


On Set Facilities: https://www.onsetfacilities.com/

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