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Magnopus brings Amazon’s Fallout series to life with VP powered by Unreal Engine

For over a decade, Magnopus has been a pioneering technology and creative studio building one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences.

From immersive VR and AR experiences, to all aspects of virtual production (spanning in-camera VFX, virtual art department, and LED volume operations), Magnopus, an Unreal Engine Service Partner, has been entrusted by today’s top filmmakers and brands to push the limits of technology in service of truly memorable content.

Recently the studio worked closely with Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s Kilter Studios on virtual production for the blockbuster Amazon Prime Video TV series, Fallout. We caught up with AJ Sciutto, Director of Virtual Production at Magnopus, to discuss the creative and technical process for bringing this dystopian world to life using ICVFX, the real-time flexibility afforded by Unreal Engine, making virtual production work with 35mm film, and much more.

When did Unreal Engine become a tool in the Magnopus arsenal?

We’ve been building virtual production tools in and around Unreal since 2018, before The Mandalorian started shooting. Working with the Epic team, we set out to make a world-class suite of tools that allowed creatives to enter their virtual worlds and tell incredible stories through the virtual lens. ICVFX is one of those tools we use in our arsenal. When paired with the phenomenal software engineering team at Magnopus, nDisplay and Unreal Engine are as powerful as you can get in displaying incredible imagery on LED walls.

When did Magnopus become involved in Fallout, and what role did you play in the show’s virtual production?

We worked closely with Jonathan Nolan and the Kilter Films team on an R&D project in 2020 and collaborated again at the tail end of 2021 on Westworld Season 4. Sometime during the production of Westworld, we began preliminary conversations about Fallout. At the time, only the pilot had been written and our involvement on the project was much like a creative department head.

We provided creative input for leveraging virtual production across the entire show and worked with the filmmakers to break down the scripts into scenes and environments that would benefit the most from ICVFX. We landed on four environments – the farm and vault door scenes in Vault 33, the cafeteria setting in Vault 4, and the New California Republic’s base inside the Griffith Observatory. Further, anything happening in a Vertibird was a great candidate for LED process shots. Continue reading more…


Unreal Engine: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/spotlights/magnopus-brings-amazon-s-fallout-series-to-life-with-virtual-production-powered-by-unreal-engine

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