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RealityX Light VP showcase

Date of video: November 13, 2022

“In this video I tried Virtual Production using Blender and Unreal engine for the first time in my life and I’m quite happy with the final Outcome. I learned a lot from this video.

Guyz If you want me to teach you everything I know personally.
Please reach me out here at realityx_light on Instagram or
Drop me a mail at realityxlight@gmail.com

You can Goto my Patreon link to see what’s all available options

Time code :
00:00 Playback Final render
02:21 Behind the scene
03:00 Announcing the new Mentorship Programme
04:31 Studio tour + Extra footage
06:58 Concepting phase
07:31 Scripting phase
07:43 Kevin explain the Scripting Process
08:18 Gathering Reference
08:42 Storyboard
09:04 Creating the Scene in Blender
09:47 John explaining why he Decided to go night Shot rather than a day
10:58 Projecting the Scene to the Giant LED wall
11:34 Renting the physical Props
11:43 Aakriti explain her role as a line Producer
12:21 Hiring the Model and Did the rehearsal
13:00 Nunui telling her experienced as her first Vp shoot
13:28 Virtual Production Shoot
13:50 Stewart excited speech as a DOP
14:10 Cloth Simulation
14:21 Taran explains his thought process of the CG dress stitching
15:00 Adding Augmented reality Elements
15:23 Character Rotomation
16:08 Rotoscoping
16:28 Compositing all the Scene in one Timeline
16:51 Final Color Grading and Adding Music
17:10 Reminding you Guyz to take a Private mentorship…”


RealityX Light: https://www.youtube.com/@realityxlight4151

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