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Report finds 40% of current projects using VP

By Max Miller, Broadcast Now, 19 December 2022

“Strategy consultancy firm Altman Solon has released its 2022 Global Film & Video Production Report.

The report surveyed 132 industry executives, each with over three years of VP experience, based in the UK and US. It found that 40% of their productions are currently using virtual production tools, while 50% are likely to adopt them in the coming 18-24 months.

Altman Solon partner Mary Ann Halford said: “VP grew out of necessity during the COVID-19 shutdowns but is quickly becoming an industry standard. VP includes an array of effective tools that keep projects on track and allow for creative collaboration across sites and even continents. Studios are increasingly exploring its efficacy given the prospective cost savings as well as reduced travel.”

Cost savings and time improvement were the top two benefits of the technology for respondents, but the report also found that further growth could be hampered by a lack of skilled staff.” Click to continue


Broadcast Now: https://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/tech/report-finds-40-of-current-projects-using-virtual-production/5177596.article

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