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Sustainability of Virtual Production

Article by Rob Chandler, May 22, 2022.

“Last week I was invited to a Symposium ‘Emission Impossible: Why Our Own House is Still on Fire’ at the University of Greenwich. A gathering of interested organisations and individuals from the film, broadcast and content industries to help explore the state of sustainability in Virtual Production Practices within the Creative Industries.

Its aim to create a roadmap for novel research into sustainable VP film-making.

Our hosts, Dr Jodi Nelson-Tabor and Dr Lindsay Keith from the University of Greenwich, both come from film and broadcasting backgrounds, are hugely passionate in driving sustainability through the creative industries using VP now and in the future.

So, some points I picked up (I will add more as they come up):

1) VP was not just a pandemic ‘fix’, and is now a leading tool for film, broadcast and ad production.

2) Traditionally shot, big budget films use a LOT of carbon, 15m tons per year in the US.

3) Use of VP can reduce production costs of around 75%.

4) To use 3000 tons of CO2 (the same amount as a big budget film), a large LED volume would take over 50 years. Click for more


Rob Chandler: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/top-learnings-from-vp-sustainability-symposium-rob-chandler/

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