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Testing Fine Pixel Pitch LED Panels for Film

“This week Virtual Production Supervisor and DOP Asa Bailey took a few days out his schedule to visit RAMAZ Studios to shoot on one of the UK’s finest pixel pitch LED walls. A 1.5 pixel pitch LED wall, that’s been set up permanently, for shooting virtual productions. RAMAZ Studios are in south London.

About the studio

As well as virtual production, the studio is also available to hire as a photographic shooting space (with a white infinity cove). After shooting interactive (Unreal Engine) 3D backgrounds on the high resolution LED wall panels, Bailey said “the size of the wall and its pixel pitch are really interesting, but be warned, the moment I saw our kit-bashed UE assets running on it, I could see immediately that we needed to work harder, especially on our background assets.” Click for more


On Set Facilities: https://onsetfacilities.com/

Ramaz Studios: https://www.ramazstudios.com/

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