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The 1st Sci-Fi Short Film Made Entirely Using Virtual Production on an LED Stage

“We’re thrilled to share “New Air,” our female-led sci-fi story exploring human survival on a distant planet. While shooting the film (over only 4 days on an LED stage), we kept chuckling about how our filmmaking process looked as much like science fiction as our actual film.

Check out our behind-the-scenes here to learn about all the new ways we used virtual production here:

“We’re so proud of what we’re demonstrating by completing a VFX-heavy film in real-time with only 3 physical props, 4 days of shooting, and no VFX post-production. Our brilliant director, Leo (also the chief architect of Versatile’s Virtual Production system), devised revolutionary methods of cinematography that simultaneously show the way to the future, and also harken back to more traditional methods of optical illusion in filmmaking. Huge thanks to everyone to helped make this film possible, including our amazing cast, crew, the Versatile R&D team, and also the technologies that have enabled us to create the Versatile Virtual Production system, especially our friends at NVIDIA and Unreal Engine. “


Versatile Media: https://en.versatile.media/

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