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The first XR and VP Studio in UAE – Fractal Studio

“In March, UAE’s first fully integrated extended reality (xR) and virtual production (VP) studio, named Fractal Studio, opened its doors in Dubai. INFiLED, a Global Manufacturer of LED Displays, was chosen to provide the complete customized 24x5m stage, located in the center of the 650sqm facility.

To meet Fractal Studio’s requirements for the bespoke curved 120sqm structure, INFiLED customized 560 GXII cabinets and created the massive 192° curved display with a pixel pitch of 2.5mm. INFiLED optimized the LED wall for the specific color spectra critical to Fractal’s camera use but unavailable in off-the-shelf LED panels. The customization also allowed the curve of the display to be placed where Fractal wanted it without having to change the entire supporting structure of the wall.

The combination of the rendering system powered by Disguise, Optitrack camera tracking system, FilmQuip Media equipment, and INFiLED LED backdrop formed the studio, which is claimed to have one of the most advanced infrastructures in the world. With the opening of the immersive 650sqm studio, Fractal has officially brought the xR-VP revolution to the Middle East.

“xR is revolutionizing the industry and is opening creative options that we could only dream of 2 years ago. It is on the same scale as the introduction of digital editing coming from tapes, or the access to VFX we have all been enjoying in recent years. Being as forward-thinking as it is, the UAE can become a bedrock of this technology by attracting and educating the creative talent pool and productions.” Said Azin Samarmand, Managing Director of Fractal Studio. “We’re extremely happy to have worked together with INFiLED on this massive project. Besides their expertise and enhanced LED solutions, most importantly, the team came down to guide us personally and supported us every step of the way.” Click to continue


Infiled: http://infiled.com/PROJECTS/Event-rental-led-display-projects/661.html

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