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The VFX of ‘Fallout’: shooting on an LED volume on film, crafting one-eyed digital humans, mixing practical and digital, and more

Visual effects supervisor Jay Worth on the extensive visual effects of the Amazon series.

The variety of visual effects work in the Prime Video series Fallout is stunning to think about: creatures, environments, flying vehicles, LED volume work, CG humans, digital make-up effects, and, of course, nuclear explosions.

All up, this first season features 3,352 visual effects shots over eight episodes, overseen by visual effects supervisor and supervising producer Jay Worth, and visual effects producer Andrea Knoll. Incredibly, too, the series was shot on film with anamorphic lenses.

At the recent FMX conference in Stuttgart, Worth broke down the many VFX challenges on the show while discussing his collaboration with showrunners Graham Wagner and Geneva Robertson-Dworet, and executive producers Jonathan (Jonah) Nolan and Lisa Joy.

Here’s a look at highlights from his talk and highlights of Fallout’s visual effects sequences.

How LED volumes were used on Fallout (and how they were shot on film)
The Los Angeles locations of Fallout were achieved via a combination of shooting in Namibia, Utah, on sound stages and on a purpose-built LED volume wall. This was carried out by MBS and Fuse at the Gold Coast Studios in Bethpage in New York. Magnopus handled the real-time rendered imagery for the LED wall in Unreal Engine and the running of the LED stage.

Worth had already worked with LED tech and virtual production with Nolan previously on Westworld, at a time before their huge growth in popularity owing to The Mandalorian. Now, with Fallout, he had a chance to incorporate more of the game engine developments and understanding about where LED wall scenes could prove most useful. “When you want to work with a real-time rendering and want to have it not be the central part of your season, you have to create a separate and unique pipeline,” observes Worth. “You always have to identify what sets and locations will work well with the technology, and we had a built-in one with the vaults in the farm.” Continue reading


Befores and Afters: https://beforesandafters.com/2024/06/05/the-vfx-of-fallout-shooting-on-an-led-volume-on-film-crafting-one-eyed-digital-humans-mixing-practical-and-digital-and-more/

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