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To shoot in an LED volume or not – a flowchart

By Nathan Bazley, 18th of November, 2022

At a recent presentation, DP Baz Idoine and Industrial Light & Magic Production Designers Andrew Jones and Todd Cherniawsky discussed their thought processes for deciding which scenes to shoot in an LED volume and which not. It prompted Brisbane-based Nathan Bazley of virtualisation technology firm Enablo to create the flowchart shown below based on their talk.

Obviously all of these rules are made to be broken (I’m sure most have been to good effect already) and the technology is getting better and better at doing just that. So take a risk every now and then! Plus, as stressed on the day, sometimes it just comes down to what’s free or fits best in the schedule!

Click to access flowchart


Informed Sauce: https://informedsauce.com/news/virtual-production/to-shoot-in-an-led-volume-or-not-a-flowchart/

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