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VIDEO: Empowering content creators through VP

Date of video: July 13, 2022

“In this episode of Think Beyond Space, Blake tours Picture This and their innovative virtual production studio out at Coach and Sarge Cine. Blake is joined by Perry Loveridge, the owner and CEO of Picture This.


In camera VFX/ XR production is the exciting new ability to shoot anywhere, any time and at any scale in a single, controlled location. This cutting edge tech uses large-scale LED backdrops and camera tracking tied to 3D rendering software to create the illusion of a subject in a virtual environment.

Learn more about Picture This: http://pixthis.com


Cresa’s presence in Portland dates back over 25 years, exclusively serving and advising small, medium, and large users of commercial real estate. We advocate solely for the occupier. Period.”


Cresa Portland: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSp2mcwqYu5gMMngga4rFGQ

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