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VIDEO: VP/Hologram Performance by Yatra

Date of video: July 6, 2022

“In partnership with Pandora and Verizon, Magnopus produced a groundbreaking concert featuring multi-platinum singer-songwriter, Sebastián Yatra.
Staging a digital double act. We took Yatra’s creative concepts to a whole new level to make the seemingly impossible possible—setting the scene for the artist to connect with fans in ways never seen before.

The highlight of the production was seeing Yatra sing a duet with a digital hologram of himself. The creative possibilities of using real-time technologies enabled him to perform both parts of the duet, with both the real and digital artists interacting naturally as if they were on stage together.

Specialized cameras captured Yatra on the XR Stage at Verizon’s 5G Lab in Los Angeles. LED screens displayed five stunning virtual environments that shifted to match the camera’s perspective—an effect that makes the physical stage walls seemingly disappear (similar to effects used in shows like the Mandalorian).

A volumetric capture and playback of Sebastian’s hologram was then placed into those environments, allowing the artist to perform side-by-side with himself for an iconic rendition of his hit song, Tacones Rojos—all powered by Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network and mobile edge compute platform. Click to read more


Magnopus: https://www.magnopus.com/sebastian-yatra

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