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VIDEO: VP Innovation series 1: Environmental Lighting

Date of video: March 15, 2022

“Paul Franklin, creative director of DNEG, said: “Unlike translights or front-projection, the LED Volume is bright enough to function effectively as a light source for the set. In some circumstances, the illumination from the LED screen is enough to provide most or even all the lighting needed for the set, for example in a twilight or dawn scene. But if hard directional light is needed – for instance, in a bright daylight environment – then additional practical lighting will be needed. It’s important to remember that the LED is, in effect, a giant television screen on the stage. As such, it produces a soft, diffuse light source – it will never create hard defined shadows. All that being said, the possibilities with the LED screen light source are incredible, as the image on the screen changes, so does the lighting on the set.”

Asked about his hints and tips for lighting in virtual production, Franklin suggests: “You should think about the effect that you want to create, the world you want to put on screen, and then figure out what needs to be in the image on the LED screen and what other lights you will need to add to create the desired look. The real key to getting this right is to make sure that you have enough prep time to make sure that everything is working the way that you want it to as there will almost certainly not be enough time to do this once you are actually shooting. The testing period will allow you to rule out things that aren’t going to work, but it will also show you things that you maybe didn’t expect and will subsequently want to take advantage of. Speaking as a director, your most important relationship will be with the director of photography, this is the person who will make this all work on the set, so it’s important that they get as much time as possible to familiarise themselves with the way the LED screen works and what it offers them for lighting the set.” Click for more


Broadcast: https://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/tech/virtual-production-innovation-series-1-environmental-lighting/5168612.article

Dimension Studios: https://www.dimensionstudio.co/

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