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Article by David Davies, IBC.ORG, April 6, 2022

“With pandemic conditions contributing to demand, the widely shared view is that virtual production is taking off much quicker than expected. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of work to be done in ensuring the industry has the necessary skillsets and facilities.

If ever there was a period for a new set of technologies enabling greater production efficiencies and a reduced reliance on location-based filming to resonate with content creators around the world, it was the last two years as Covid-19 played havoc with filming schedules and delivery dates. While the TV and film industry was still hugely impacted by the pandemic, virtual production (VP) certainly played an important role in ensuring that viewers – especially when in lockdown – were not left contemplating a content desert.” Click for more


IBC: https://www.ibc.org/features/virtual-production-ten-years-of-growth-achieved-in-one/8427.article

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