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WHITEPAPER: Welcome to the New Era of Film by disguise

Disguise VP whitepaper

“Ever since filmmakers saw what was possible in The Mandalorian, Virtual Production has been one of the most promising trends in the industry. 

This e-book explores the massive growth of virtual production and how it unlocks complete control in filmmaking, from creating worlds of infinite detail and beauty, to the more pragmatic benefits of budget reliability and clarity in planning.

What you’ll learn:

– Why virtual production is redefining filmmaking
– The technology that makes virtual production possible
– Five ways virtual production will revolutionise film
– Why the disguise solution is beneficial for virtual production
– How to get your team to embrace virtual production” Click for more


Disguise: https://www.disguise.one/en/insights/ebooks/welcome-to-the-new-era-of-film/

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