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WPP’s Hogarth teams with Final Pixel on VP partnership

Date of article: 19 July, 2022

“Ad giant WPP’s content production company, Hogarth, and Final Pixel, have teamed up for a new virtual production partnership.

The partnership “will establish Hogarth Final Pixel as a worldwide leader in using virtual production to power end-to-end content creation, bringing to life this new approach for creating and making, for both clients and WPP agency partners.”

VP outfit Final Pixel has created work for Discovery, Scripps, ABC and national advertising campaigns for Shutterstock. Final Pixel also runs an international Epic Games authorised training academy to train and upskill professionals in the industry on virtual production techniques.

Hogarth Final Pixel will “sit at the heart of Hogarth’s creative production proposition, highlighting the importance of the role virtual production will have in future content delivery and experience.” It will also “support Hogarth’s sustainability offering in its ongoing commitment to make content with greater effectiveness and versatility, with less carbon impact and greater transparency.”

Hogarth Final Pixel has established virtual production training facilities that will expand the expert talent pool as demand for these services continues to grow. The first of these state-of-the-art facilities will open shortly in Hogarth’s studios in London, New York and Sydney.” Click to continue


Televisual: https://www.televisual.com/news/wpps-hogarth-teams-with-final-pixel-on-vp-partnership/

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