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12 movies shot on virtual sets

By Chris Hodges, March 18, 2023, Looper.com, Image by Static Media

“It’s no secret how large a role computers play in movies, not just today but going back to at least the 1990s. But exactly how computers figure into filmmaking has changed quite a bit from the early days of a green screen and awkward CG effects. In recent years, new technology has emerged that has drastically changed the way movies are made, and it’s become a lot more prevalent than you may realize.

Based on the type of technology that has been used for video games for decades now, virtual productions in filmmaking allow for deeper immersion and more on-the-fly flexibility than traditional green screen implementation. In a virtual production, screens can completely surround a physical set and can either supplement existing physical objects or completely build the entire image within the computer. It also allows the crew to manipulate things in real-time and make changes at the moment for actors to respond to, rather than a green screen which isn’t added until the actor has already done their parts or the old-school method of actors acting in front of video footage. 

While it was only first put to use in a major way in the early 2010s, the tech has advanced very quickly and is now used in just about every genre beyond the expected sci-fi or superhero fare. It won’t be long before it’s a common fixture in almost every major Hollywood production — and even some smaller-scale projects.” Continue reading


Looper: https://www.looper.com/1229192/movies-you-had-no-idea-were-shot-on-virtual-sets/

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