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3D clean plate for perfect keying by Aximmetry

Introducing Aximmetry’s 3D clean plate for perfect keying results even with a moving camera

Even lighting of large-scale green screens often poses a challenge and results in sacrificing keying quality when the camera moves. Until now, clean plate could only be used with a fixed camera. Or productions simply had to compromise on keying quality. Aximmetry’s brand new 3D clean plate feature meets this challenge.
After an initial preparation phase, users can simply and quickly record multiple images of their green screen session by session. Aximmetry combines these into a model immediately allowing you to create a virtual map of your green screen. During production, our software will create a perfect clean plate for every angle. This in turn allows you to achieve superior keying results even with moving camera.

About Aximmetry:
Aximmetry DE software editions with complete Unreal Engine integration are tried and tested by thousands of users around the world from indie content creators, to large production houses using multiple licenses for complex productions. Aximmetry is the studio glue that holds these productions together by easily interfacing a multitude of hardware used in the broadcast environment. These are various input and output possibilities, LED screens, all known tracking systems, numerous controlling devices and API to name a few. Our superior quality live compositing tools include light wrap, reflections and shadows of the talent, visual interactions of virtual and real elements. Plus, we also provide flexible scripting tools for full control of the production and user-friendly tools for realtime pre- and post-processing of the rendered image. We are committed to keep our software and services accessible for all creators and remaining in the
forefront of virtual production development.


Aximmetry: https://aximmetry.com

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