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5 signs the film industry is going fully virtual

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Article by Tim Moore, Techradar.com, 12th of August, 2022

“While the video industry seems to be doing just fine with its current digital technology, it is about to experience an irreversible shift in technology once again that will disrupt almost every aspect of the production process as we know it.

This is an all too familiar shift for an industry that is just settling in from a similar earth-shaking evolution less than 20 years ago.

At that time, it was film cameras that were disrupted by the digital age and it changed the industry for good. But now, disruption in the virtual age will be more significant than you could ever imagine.

In the early 2000s, many experts in the industry predicted that digital cameras were a fad and didn’t have the quality required to replace a 50-year-old tradition of film. To their credit, at the time they were right. The fact of the matter was that digital cameras initially had poor quality, were unreliable and modern film cameras had recently seen major promising improvements.

Yet, after just a few years of innovation, the benefits of digital camera systems clearly outweighed film cameras in almost every category, and ultimately proved to be a much more efficient solution.

Today, we are seeing the early signs that virtual systems will soon disrupt their digital counterparts in the same way.

Virtual Production is the process of using large format LED Screens with in-camera VFX, simulating real-time photorealistic environments as a virtual background.

And these are just the first steps in the Virtual Evolution. But how and why is it happening? Click to read more


Techradar: https://www.techradar.com/news/5-signs-the-film-industry-is-going-fully-virtual

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