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All-in-one real-time change management solution for UE5 and Maya 2023

Beehive 2.0

“Accelerate your virtual production workflow with BeeHive 2.0. An all-in-one real-time change management solution for UE 5 and Maya 2023. Powerful and robust, BeeHive 2.0 lets users visualize their content, whether on an LED wall or remotely, across an entire virtual production team, smoothing the bottlenecks in your workflow and massively improving your production pipeline efficiency. Built to solve the traditional challenges of costly multiple overlapping levels and sublevels, as well as switchboard reliant industry standard workflows that require the shut down of LED volumes, BeeHive 2.0 brings flexibility to virtual production.


BeeHive 2.0 closes the on-set version control gap by providing comprehensive real-time change management. Providing a per-asset history view and asset-level changes with a new Asset History tab presenting changes to revert back to, if needed. The Asset History interface is available on all supported versions for Unreal Engine and Maya. Asset history changes support all BeeHive usage modes, including simple editor-to-editor, nDisplay/PAK mode, and play in editor (PIE).

BeeHive 2.0 now fully supports working with multiple levels and sublevels in Unreal Engine, ensuring all connected users and nodes receive a live real-time view of the current session content. As well as intelligently distributing content locally or remotely on a need-to-receive basis for automatic per-edit version control. In Maya 2023, BeeHive 2.0 will display all the elements of all open levels and allow users to apply edits, unrestricted. Multi-level support is available in all BeeHive usage modes, including simple editor-to-editor, nDisplay/PAK mode, and play in editor (PIE).

BeeHive 2.0 introduces dedicated support of the full range of Unreal Engine actors, including: Unreal Lighting, Lumen, Landscapes and Foliage; with full interoperability with Maya. Maya editors have access to these types in the form of static mesh proxies that can be edited at the vertex level, just like other scene components. BeeHive 2.0 also ensures proper handling of objects with non-ascii names through dedicated support. All types, are available for use in all BeeHive usage modes, including simple editor-to-editor, nDisplay/PAK mode, and play in editor (PIE).

BeeHive 2.0 introduces a dedicated BeeHive Maya Installer.exe to guide users through a simple and automated plugin installation. This addition greatly improves the previously time-consuming installation for Maya, and ensures the install process is now as quick and simple as for Unreal Engine.

Aiming to make content distribution as quick and seamless as possible, BeeHive 2.0 automatically detects and makes use of Windows File Share when the local network allows sending files locally via Network Sharing. When available, Windows Network Share is the fastest option for local network file transfer.


Glassboxtech: https://glassboxtech.com/products/beehive#latestRelease

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