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Caledon Football Club BTS by Pixomondo

Date of video: 15th of Sept, 2022

Renting a soccer stadium, filling it with thousands of screaming fans and organizing an overnight shoot is an all-too-common request for commercial productions. It’s also not cost effective, unless you turn to virtual production using Pixomondo’s new crowd system developed in Unreal.

Over a two-day shoot, alter ego, Pixomondo, William F. White Int’t and Virtual Production Academy collaborated on an LED volume, creating a CG Stadium and 18,000 CG simulated crowd agents all running in real time out of UNREAL.

The end result was a commercial for Caledon Football Club featuring a simple story of a boy’s dream of taking the final kick to win the World Cup in a stadium of cheering fans.


Pixomondo: https://www.youtube.com/c/pixomondo

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