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COURSE: Unreal Connectors – Learn the art of immersive storytelling

Learn the basics of virtual production with Unreal Connectors. A new, field-tested course taught exclusively through Unreal Authorized Training Centers and Unreal Academic Partners.

Unreal Connectors is the first micro-credentialing program dedicated to teaching artists visual storytelling. Level up or start fresh as you explore a rich new avenue for careers in film production.


Short-form coursework focused on the storytelling, workflows, and techniques of essential virtual production processes, including: fundamentals and workflow; optimization and ingestion; animation tools; remote mocap; and sequence construction.


An intensive accreditation process, so your teachers deliver the same learning experience you’d find in an Epic-led training program.

Interactive experiences

Interactive storytelling exercises, augmented with mentorship and industry guest speakers.

Industry professionals

Hands-on projects and lessons led by industry professionals.


The development of a short sequence that provides participants with first-hand experience in the immersive storytelling process

MORE INFORMATION: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/connectors

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