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Dispelling the fear factor of working with virtual production

Alex Webster

TVB Europe article by Jenny Priestley, May 5, 2022

“The past couple of years has seen an explosion of interest in virtual production. Thanks to projects such as The Mandalorian and The Batman, more and more producers of content ranging from commercials to feature films are looking at using the new technology.

In the UK and Europe, this increase in interest is also driving the development of new studio facilities. Among the companies looking to open their own Volume stage in London is Pixomondo, which already has virtual production stages in both Toronto, used by Star Trek: Discovery, and Vancouver in Canada.

Last year Pixomondo brought Alex Webster on board to oversee its new London operation. As well as working on the virtual stage, the London team has recently added previs to its list of creative services.” Click for more


TVB Europe: https://www.tvbeurope.com/production-post/dispelling-the-fear-factor-of-working-with-virtual-production

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