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Framestore and Tim Webber’s FLITE short animation

Framestore has made Tim Webber’s FLITE available to watch in full online. The studio relied on brand new proprietary toolsets and workflows (FUSE and FPS) to bring Unreal Engine into their film pipeline to make the short.

It stars Alba Baptista as Stevie, who escapes the clutches of Johnny (Gethin Anthony) via some nifty hoverboarding over a future-London-scape. These moments exist within the context of the mysterious idea of ‘memory investigations’.

Webber, and his team at Framestore, relied on a volume/LED wall and motion capture shoot to film FLITE, with Unreal Engine and integration of the visual effects studios own toolsets and workflows, FUSE (Framestore Unreal Shot Engine) and FPS (Framestore Pre-production Services), at the heart of what they hope to be a new pipeline for interactive virtual filmmaking.


Befores and Afters: https://beforesandafters.com/2023/12/02/you-can-now-watch-framestores-flite-in-full-online/

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