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GUIDE: The Virtual Production field guide / volume 2

By Noah Kadner, Epic Games

What’s Changed since the Last Volume?

Welcome to the second volume of the Virtual Production Field Guide. We designed the Virtual Production Field Guide series for anyone interested in or already producing projects using virtual production (VP) techniques. When we say we, we’re talking about the team here at Epic Games, creators of Unreal Engine. We hope you’ve had a chance to read the first volume, as it explores the foundations of virtual production, which this second volume expands upon. Before we dive in, let’s review what’s changed since our last publication rolled off the virtual presses.

Remote collaboration has become the way.

Disruption has always been a part of filmmaking, and technology and market forces have constantly led to change. Alongside the technology, we have the industry’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with new production safety requirements for reduced crew size and social distancing. Real-time technologies bring new opportunities for remote collaboration, and the desire to get everyone back to work while adhering to these requirements has significantly accelerated a revolution already in progress. In today’s climate, remote collaboration has become more critical than ever, challenging the ways we work while also creating a new paradigm that can bring lasting benefits. We’ll explore those benefits, and also profile several creatives to learn about their experiences with remote collaboration.

More high-profile virtual productions have been completed.

In our previous volume, we alluded to a number of milestone projects in the pipeline that we weren’t at liberty to discuss. Now, some of those have been released. One of the most significant projects is the Disney+ streaming series The Mandalorian, which achieved new heights in virtual production and LED wall technology. We’ll do a deep dive into the workflow of The Mandalorian, along with a number of other significant projects, and also interview their creators. Virtual production workflows have evolved. General production methodologies evolve regularly, and virtual production evolves at an unprecedented rate. We’ll explore the latest developments and learn from innovations and challenges in the trenches. Veterans of film and television are leveraging real-time technology to collaborate across previously siloed departments and bridge expertise across the spectrum of filmmaking.

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EPIC Games: https://cdn2.unrealengine.com/Virtual+Production+Field+Guide+Volume+2+v1.0-5b06b62cbc5f.pdf

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