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VIDEO: How BY & Wargaming created a WoT ad in 3 days with VP

Date of video: March 2, 2021

“Want to take crews anywhere from Mount Everest to another planet? BY Movie Production Company has you covered. Step into the Belarusian studio, and you’ll find a fully equipped, 1,200-square-meter production complex—complete with a brand new LED stage inspired by The Mandalorian.

For General and Creative Producer Olga Mikhalenka, the stage reflects the all-in-one approach to filmmaking that BY Movie has had from the start. “We’ve always offered clients everything from directing and cinematography to visual effects in house,” she begins. “When we saw the power of virtual production on The Mandalorian, we knew it was the missing puzzle piece to our pipeline.” Click for more


Unreal Engine: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/spotlights/how-by-movie-production-company-and-wargaming-created-a-world-of-tanks-ad-in-three-days-with-virtual-production

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