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Impossible Objects and NantStudios re-envision automotive production for Polestar 2

Article from Little Black Book, 9th of August, 2022

NantStudios and Impossible Objects are excited to launch a new demo film for Polestar, a fully electric car company, which was built entirely in Unreal Engine by Impossible Objects and serviced by NantStudios and its virtual production team to showcase the limitless potential and capabilities of virtual production. Impossible Objects is a new world-building lab that utilises virtual production to tell branded and original stories and enables filmmakers to manifest original stories unrestricted by creative limitations. NantStudios is a full-service virtual production company specialising in LED stage build outs, virtual art creation and onset operations.

As it opens, the film’s heroine approaches a Polestar 2 vehicle set against a subdued urban landscape in the pre-dawn hours. Driving through the unencumbered city streets amidst towering skyscrapers and across expansive bridges, we travel from metropolis to hinterland as we witness sunlight craft shadow and reflection across the Polestar’s sleek design. As she drives, the camera captures intimate closeups of the heroine’s serene experience until she reaches her destination – a sprawling, majestic northern mountain scape. The heroine steps out and watches with bliss as the sun rises over the mountains.

Here’s the catch: none of the buildings, mountains, or landscapes ‘travelled to’ in the demo were real or shot using green screen. Continue to read


Little Black Book: https://www.lbbonline.com/news/impossible-objects-and-nantstudios-re-envision-automotive-production-for-polestar-2-demo-film

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