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Inside Stray Vista Studios’ Virtual Production workshop

Article by Emily Longreretta, Variety.com

Stray Vista Studios hosted a virtual production workshop in Austin, Texas, from Nov. 3-5, featuring award-winning Hollywood producers, directors and luminaries as they highlighted the importance and capabilities of virtual production. Guests were able to experience first-hand the scale, the ease of collaboration and the creative power behind the technology.

“Stray Vista Studios is leading the way to get filmmakers educated on the process of using virtual production’s method of filmmaking and how SV has managed to bring all these industry power-houses together,” says CEO Nate Strayer.

In an exclusive video from the weekend, Strayer showed the creation of Scott Rice’s original short film, “Treasure Imagination.”

“Virtual production is different from locations’ shoot and it’s also different from traditional VFX. Number one, getting everything in camera — with traditional VFX, you’re not getting that,” he explains. Director of photography, David Wells, adds, ” Everybody’s going to get to come take a peek behind the curtain. They’re able to ask questions and see how it’s done for real.”

The Stray Vista workshop allowed directors to see the virtual production process from start to finish, some for the very first time.


Variety: https://variety.com/2023/biz/news/stray-vista-studios-virtual-production-workshop-1235783385/

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