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Lux Machina and Barbie

“Barbie was shot on Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden’s V Stage in the UK which Lux helped design, build, and operate using Unreal Engine. The film utilized four other soundstages at Leavesden and took advantage of the V Stage for car process scenes such as Barbie’s convertible in Barbie Land.

Lux provided virtual production services – including Engine, Systems, and Camera Tracking – for Barbie Land sequences and the film’s opening prologue that parodies 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Car process was used on the V Stage in scenes where Margot Robbie, as Barbie, is driving in her classic Barbie convertible. The vehicle was created to look like a life-size toy version of the car, to be realistic to the fantasy world Barbie comes from. Given the expansive scale of V Stage, a substantial track could be constructed for the camera to trace the path of the convertible.

“The extent of the track brilliantly illustrated Barbie’s voyage through Barbie Land, enabling the viewer to fully comprehend the constructed world. Had we been confined to a smaller stage, the absence of space for a track would have made it impossible to achieve the same visual impact,” Virtual Production Producer Kyle Olson explained.

“When you’re in the world of Barbie, you’re dealing with dream houses and fantastical lands,” says Olson. “If not for virtual production, these sequences would have been shot with green screen backgrounds, with the rest of Barbie Land added in post-production. Actors would rather see and respond to their setting instead of acting against a blue or green screen and imagining what could be there.” Continue reading


Lux Machina: https://www.luxmc.com/barbie

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