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NAB 2022: Hollywood’s Focus Includes Virtual Production

By The Hollywood Reporter, Carolyn Giardina, April 25, 2022.

NAB President and CEO Curtis LeGeyt and NAB Executive Vice President of Global Connections and Events Chris Brown cut the ribbon commemorating NAB Show’s expansion into West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. COURTESY OF NAB

“… Not surprising, two of the biggest production trends in the exhibition advanced during the pandemic: virtual production and cloud-based remote production.

“Virtual production is a mainstay of physical production because we continually need to collapse geography for certain stories where we just can’t travel to enough locations and satisfy the director and producer needs to tell a story in a productive manner,” said Glen Gainor, head of physical production at Amazon Studios, who caught up with THR on the exhibition floor. “We are shooting on location [again]. …  [But with virtual production], you are going to be able to tell a bigger story in less time.” Amazon recently made use of virtual production techniques in the making of thriller All the Old Knives, which debuted earlier this month.

Sony was also promoting the benefits of virtual production and its tools that support the process, including its Crystal LED displays and new Venice 2 camera, which is already being used by select DPs, including Oscar winner Claudio Miranda, who used the earlier model of the Venice to lens wildly anticipated Top Gun: Maverick.”

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The Hollywood Reporter: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/business/business-news/nab-show-preview-hollywood-cloud-based-virtual-production-1235134532/

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