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SCAD announces 4 new schools

By Debbie Diamond Sarto, AWN.COM, August 15, 2022

Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) has announced the creation of four new schools: the School of Creative Technology, School of Animation and Motion, School of Film and Acting, and School of Visual Communication. In addition to the recently announced De Sole School of Business Innovation, SCAD stated its renewed commitment to preparing students to lead companies, brands, and studios by embracing new technologies and STEM disciplines.

“SCAD continually evolves because change defines global business,” said SCAD president and founder Paula Wallace. “Our brilliance never rests. SCAD offers degree programs today that didn’t even exist before SCAD invented them! Radically trailblazing courses of study like immersive reality and themed entertainment belong in a class all their own, which is why I’m proud to announce the creation of the SCAD School of Creative Technology, a Shangri-La for STEM students worldwide, along with the newly formed School of Animation and Motion, School of Film and Acting, and School of Visual Communication. The future lives at SCAD, right here, right now.” Click to continue reading


AWN: https://www.awn.com/news/scad-announces-4-new-schools

SCAD: https://www.scad.edu/academics/programs

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