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Scandinavian company Nordisk Film bows advanced LED VP Stage

Article by Elsa Keslassy, Variety.com, October 11, 2022

“Nordisk Film, the deep-pocketed Copenhagen-based Scandinavian film powerhouse, has launched an advanced LED virtual production stage.

Named the Shortcut LED Stage, the venue will provide advanced virtual production services for TV, film, commercial shoots, music videos and live events from Scandinavian banners that are owned by Nordisk Film, as well as other companies around the world.

The first film productions that have used the Shortcut LED Stage include “Boundless,” the next opus in the “Department Q” franchise, as well as Ole Bornedal’s psychological thriller “Nightwatch – Demons are Forever,” among other projects.

The LED Stage is being created by Nordisk Film Shortcut, an in-house vfx and post-production banner which has worked on major international content, including Netflix originals such as ”The Rain”, ”Equinox” and ”Black Crab.” The company is presenting it as the world’s first full 360° LED stage. It runs 16 meters in diameter, with walls and ceiling totally covered with LED panels. As such, the stage is meant to reproduce complex scenarios with naturalistic lighting.

“Shortcut LED Stage is a shortcut to a world limited only by imagination,” said Rikke Crosby, CEO of Nordisk Film Shortcut. “I am proud that we can now offer the film and visual production industry the latest technological possibilities that ensure both a flexible, cost-saving and climate friendly film and content production without compromising on quality and creativity”, Crosby continued.

Virtual Production and LED Stages have been gaining ground in recent years. Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), for instance, announced last week the establishment of its first LED virtual production stage.” Continue reading


Variety: https://variety.com/2022/digital/global/nordisk-film-advanced-led-virtual-production-stage-1235398949/amp/

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