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Sony Pictures Entertainment unveils its 1st LED VP stage

Article by Jazz Tangcay, Variety.com, October 6, 2022

“Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) today announced the establishment of its first LED virtual production stage, located at Sony Innovation Studios in Culver City.

With LED virtual production transforming the way film and television are made, the new stage is the world’s largest using Sony’s high brightness and wide color gamut Crystal LED display panels.

The panels were created in collaboration with top engineers at SPE for use in virtual production.

The establishment of this LED stage allows Sony Innovation Studios (SIS) to expand its virtual production workflow across various entertainment platforms and seamlessly merge the real and virtual worlds with its Atom View technology and proprietary stage-integration software. Continue reading


Variety: https://variety.com/2022/artisans/news/sony-pictures-entertainment-led-virtual-production-stage-1235394863/

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