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VIDEO: VP Innovation series 2: Tracking

Date of video: March 23, 2022

“In the second part of the Virtual production Innovation series, Dimension Studios talks about how the team tested camera tracking with a mo-cap suit tracking an actor, alongside camera tracking of a physical prop.

The project was directed by Paul Franklin, creative director at DNEG. He said: “We put motion capture markers onto a flashlight prop that one of the cast members was holding and then used that input to drive a virtual patch of illumination on the screen – a pool of light appeared wherever the actor pointed the flashlight. This gave us a degree of spontaneous interaction with the virtual environment that produced a great live feeling in the LED image.” Click for more


Broadcast: https://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/tech/virtual-production-innovation-series-2-tracking/5168855.article

Dimension Studios: https://www.dimensionstudio.co/

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