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VP: A New Era of Entertainment

Article by Miles Perkins, Randi Altman’s Post Perspective, July 19, 2022

“Any conversation about virtual production should start with a baseline definition. Most people immediately associate virtual production with in-camera visual effects (ICVFX) — the large LED volumes made famous by The Mandalorian. ICVFX is one crucial part, but virtual production encompasses so many other tools and ways of working.

Virtual production includes real-time animation, whereby a filmmaker picks up a virtual camera and iterates just as they would in live action, or animates characters in real time using performance and/or facial capture.

It includes stuntviz, whereby action designers can safely and confidently plan their scenes in a real-time game engine that has accurate physics and a 1-to-1 relationship to the physical world.

It includes techviz, whereby a crew visualizes the physical filming environment ahead of time, accurately determining which lenses they should use and which camera angles will best capture the shot. It’s also used for remote collaboration, in which the filmmaking team enters a virtual scene in VR or on a monitor and can then scout locations and art-direct all together interactively, regardless of where they are.

At its most basic level, I like to define virtual production as any process that bridges what is in the physical world with what is in the virtual world, such that you can treat them both the same way in real time. In the CG filmmaking process that gained popularity in the 1990s, we were locked into a linear way of working. Production was an assembly line with limited opportunities to iterate, and lots of hard work (such as previz) would get thrown away and recreated from scratch by each VFX team that engaged along the process.” Click to continue


Post Perspective: https://postperspective.com/a-new-era-of-entertainment/

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