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VP offers real savings for studios of all sizes

Article by Falon Fatemi, Forbes.com, October 11, 2022. Image source: Getty Images for Disney

“While talk of the Metaverse has generated a lot of buzz about virtual reality, the tools of the Metaverse aren’t just for three-dimensional cyberspace. The technology that’s powering three-dimensional worlds—and a cultural debate—is also incredibly useful in creating the two-dimensional content we’re consuming all the time, namely, television and movies.

Enter virtual production, a technology that uses LED panels as a backdrop on which video or computer generated imagery can be displayed. This display then acts as a set for the movie or TV show. Virtual production is the new green screen.

Virtual production is already widely used and has been seen by millions in productions such as Lion King, Ripple Effect, and Mandalorian. But while it’s being adopted by the major players, it’s not just for the large studios, and there are companies working on getting the word out.

“We’ve actually worked with some advertising agencies and we said … let’s look at some of the spots that you’ve done previously. And let’s see if we can analyze this and apply virtual production,” says Lauren Gianetti, Vice President of Business Development at Brandstar Studios, “And we did a cost comparison analysis [for] about six different spots … in five out of the six it definitely saved … like 30 to 40%.”

Less time

As folks who work in production know, company moves take time. You’re moving a lot of people—and a lot of equipment—from one physical location to another. One move can take a whole day. With virtual production, all the people and all the equipment are staying put. It’s like the locations are coming to them.” Continue reading


Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/falonfatemi/2022/10/11/virtual-production-offers-real-savings-for-studios-of-all-sizes/?sh=32bc60d4c8d8

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