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VP: What You Need to Know Before You Step Onto the Set

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Article by Adrian Pennington, NAB Amplify

“Thanks to its successful use on projects like Disney’s The Mandalorian, virtual production is taking Hollywood by storm, and it’s just a matter a time before you’ll find yourself shooting inside an LED volume. With the technology still at the cutting edge, there are some essentials to consider before budgeting, tech provisioning, and filming with virtual production.

Virtual production using large-scale LED or projection technology was already burgeoning before the advent of COVID-19, as evidenced by films such as OblivionGravityRogue One and First Man, but the pandemic has kick-started the practice into high gear. Dramatically reducing the need for large crew footprints, and eliminating the need for travel and location work, “the operational impact of this technology cannot be overstated,” according to Noah Kadner, virtual production editor at American Cinematographer.” Click for more


NAB Amplify: https://amplify.nabshow.com/articles/virtual-production-101-what-you-need-to-know/

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