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“In-Camera VFX is an exciting new methodology for shooting real-time visual effects during a live action film shoot. This technique relies on a mixture of LED lighting, live camera tracking, and real-time rendering with off-axis projection to create a seamless integration between foreground actors and virtual backgrounds. Its primary goal is to remove the need for green screen compositing to produce final pixel results in camera.


Aligning the LED Wall to Camera Tracking using ArUcos

In-Camera VFX Best Practices

Camera Color Calibration for In-Camera VFX

In-Camera VFX Overview

In-Camera VFX Quick Start

In-Camera VFX recommended Hardware

In-Camera VFX Project Structure Example

In-Camera VFX template

In-Camera VFX Production Test

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Unreal Engine: https://docs.unrealengine.com/5.0/en-US/in-camera-vfx-in-unreal-engine/

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